Picking the most popular cricket club is not an easy task. There are hundreds of clubs out there that carry the popularity tag. And of course, presenting written information about these clubs may well mean creating volumes. So, let’s begin right away.

Marylebone Cricket Club

Marylebone Cricket Club, simply referred to as MCC was founded in 1787. Before this time, noblemen and aristocrats used to play cricket from White Conduit Fields located at Islington in London. The 1870s saw MCC decide to participate in county cricket because it (county cricket) was gaining popularity at the moment. And now came a time when the club developed a relationship with Australia- emigrants in Australia had already started playing competitive cricket. This relationship is what probably saw MCC establish its immense influence in the cricket world. In a show of its determination to become a real force, this English side used a steamer to travel for 8 weeks to Australia in 1877 to have its first ever official test match.

Dr. WG Grace, one of the club’s legends earned great recognition through his exceptional talent and monumental performances. The legend’s painting is still in the club’s Long Room since 1890. The club’s key responsibilities today include the following:

• Maintaining the world-class and world-famous status of their ground (Lord’s Ground)

• Encouraging cricket talents among the young people for the bright future of the sport

• Maintaining its status as one of the most active cricket clubs in the world

Germantown Cricket Club

Founded in 1854 in the neighbourhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Germantown Cricket Club joins the list of the four major cricket clubs of the city. From 1877 to 1890, the club’s location was in Nicetown. The location was changed to Manheim Street following an 1890 merger with the Young American Cricket Club. Today, Germantown Cricket club continues to operate privately, and it has facilities for other sports, including swimming and tennis.